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brings together friends to represent CHHIMEKI SANTHA NEPAL in Catalonia. The objective is to collaborate, from their profesional experience and knowledge, with the continuity of the project going on in Kathmandu.

Photo: Rosa Serra, Pepa Lopez, Dessislava Pirinchieva, Max Colombo, Stefano Colombo, Anna Mas, Lalo Quintana, Marta Tatjer, Joan Estrada, Paula Arnaldo, Dani Aixela. Sofia Masutti a Mallorca

Marta Tatjer


Creator, promoter and organizer of cultural events. Has worked along side the public administration organising the festivities and cultural events of Barcelona, after managing her own business. Today she is retired and dedicates her full leadership capacity to NEPAL CHHIMEKI BARCELONA.

Rosa Serra


Journalist, scriptwriter and writer. Throughout the years she has worked in the media, and today she runs her own editorial, destined to write and publish books about memoirs and autobiographies.

Paula Arnaldo


Bachelor in psychology and specialised in the field of marketing research and strategic marketing. More than two decades studying the necessities of the population in different parts of the world.